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“Coco taught music and yoga at our summer camp, which serves children ages three though six years of age.  To simple say she was amazing would not come close to the depth and breadth of talent Coco has been blessed with! Her warm and sweet spirit allows her to captivate her audience and connects with them in ways I haven’t witnessed in all my years as a director and teacher. Coco was highly regarded by the campers and staff alike. Her classes were fun, animated and popular with the children. The staff couldn’t help the urge to participate and were often observed having as much fun as the children. Coco was a delight to collaborate with and has left lasting impressions on the individuals she has worked with. Her personality and passion are unmatched. What a gift to our program!” -LaeDoan Lewis, Director of Tenderfoot Camp Wynnewood, Pa

“I was taking yoga classes many years ago and lately more on and off. I actually had stopped yoga for a few years as I was not so pleased by my experiences and forgot why I actually love this practice. Cocosol’s classes have brought me back to the pleasure of my practice. She is incredible. She deeply connects with you and knows what flow needs to be done for each student to find their path in it. I grew so much in my practice in such little time. Cocosol brings breath and attention, she pushed me in ways that were adapted to what I can do. It’s not a sport with Coco, it’s really a practice, a deeply intimate journey within yourself and your body.I am in France right now and we practice through zoom. It’s not always easy with time difference and everything else I do but if I don’t have my weekly class with her I miss it terribly. Cocosol is hands down the best yoga teacher I’ve had. Her sensibility and spirit are a gem that gives her the ability to help you move forward with each class. Physically mentally and spiritually. In the simplest way. Which to me is always the best way.” -Emmanuelle Delpech

“Learning piano with Coco, my girls as brand new beginners and myself beginner-ish(as the last time I played was as a child), has been a wonderful adventure. Coco understood right from the start our different personality and our own learning mode and she adapted to our needs. She also constantly motivated us by kindly supporting us in stretching our set of skills while maintaining a spirit of rigor, flexibility and playfulness. Coco’s solar and loving energy also supported us throughout the transition of our face to face lessons to the new normal of virtual teaching/learning.We will forever be grateful and think of her as a luminous Being and teacher and I wish her all the best for her next endeavors.” -SB (S.13yo & A.12yo).  Sandra Born 

“I hired CocoSol Bastien to run the music program at Gladwyne Montessori. Her program is a triumph. Her students love her and her classes, and together they have mounted numerous wonderful concerts for the parents in the school. One father remarked to me that it was the quality of Coco’s program that convinced him to keep his children in the school. She is a positive and responsible member of the faculty. She has close relations with the other teachers, and is loved and admired by all. Her results have been dazzling!” -Walter Ebmeyer, Headmaster

“Coco’s yoga training and coaching assisted me in my successful recovery from an ankle injury this past summer and fall 2020. But it was so much more than that. Coco led me supportively; giving me greater confidence in my body as I gained more mobility thru her style of yoga. Coco is fun to train with and I really loved the personal and intuitive one on one yoga training via Zoom.  What a blessing her skills and heart are.”   -Captain Suky Cannon, USCG Licensed. 

“I love practicing with Coco– every session she offers feels like a true gift. By the time the session is over and I float back down to the room, I can see she’s transported each student on a journey that feels intuitive, sacred, and magical.” -Setria Irene 

“Coco teaches with intuition, opening the body and reaching the heart. She has brought me to joyful tears.”  – Rosa B. 

Coco’s approach to yoga instruction is warm, unique and shows her passion for the practice. You will not find yourself bored of 100 chaturangas but rather challenged and inspired by a fresh approach that combines traditional asanas with creative movement and plenty of opportunities to personalize the practice for yourself and shake loose any stress and stagnant energies. The environment she creates is beautiful and welcoming and I really enjoyed getting lost in the live music she has as accompaniment.  -Janell R.

“Starting the week with the vibrant energy from Coco is the best way to be grateful for the rest of the week! Coco is always adapting her session for you personally and ends it with beautiful words that still resonate days later. I am so happy to know her! Can’t wait for my next session!” -Stephanie C.

“The Soul Fluid Express events feel like family with warm vibes all over the building. Moving to live music is a conversation. The movement fits the flow of the music. Weather a breath or a dynamic sharp impulse on the drums,  blending the two into one. It’s magnetic! I can’t wait for the next gathering!” -Jan Jeffries, drummer

“My experience with doing yoga with Coco is very relaxing. There was not a feeling of forcing the movements and stretches. This was an enjoyable time of centering and relaxation.”  -Elsa A.

I started yoga with Coco over the pandemic, one of the most challenging and stressful times for all of us. Coco has been so wonderful. She teaches with love and attention. She is always starting her class by asking us how we feel both mentally and physically and adjusting to what is needed for us to feel relief on our body as well as our mind. I really enjoy Coco as my yoga teacher because she explains what she is working on while doing yoga and that allows me to use it when i need it in my day to day lifestyle. I absolutely recommend Coco’s Yoga class. You will love it!. -Peggy Woolsey

“Coco is an extremely enthusiastic music instructor who got to know my daughter & designed individualized lessons that kept her interested in her instrument & motivated to practice.  My daughter truly enjoys her time with Coco & looks forward to every lesson.  She not only taught her to play her bass guitar, but also encouraged to write original music.” – Mrs Lori Israeli

“Coco is amazing with my kids! She keeps them interested and learning. She loves what she does and it shows.” – Mrs Erica Hart

“Coco is a talented, enthusiastic, and patient piano teacher. She provides clear direction and genuine encouragement. When I struggle to play something well, she finds ways for me to steadily improve. She has deepened my appreciation for musical patterns and bolstered my confidence.  I truly enjoy learning from her!” – Meredith  Friedman

“Coco taught me piano and voice lessons for six years. She is super interactive, friendly, and kind. I learned so much from her. She made music fun with her great energy. – Orli Friedman“ I’ve had experience with a few different music teachers but none compare to Coco. Our meetings are always comfortable and fun. Coco provides a positive space that makes it easy to express your self and feel genuinely happy and excited about learning. Lessons with Coco aren’t just about improving musically, they’re about gaining confidence in your thoughts, individuality, and self. I’ve learned and grown so much from working with Coco and recommend her teachings to any and everyone ”. – Indee Philpot , Drexel University, Fashion Design

“Coco is an absolutely wonderful teacher. She takes her time with lessons. She always cheers me up if I am feeling bad about my progress. She is very flexible. She is very fun. She has cool hair. ” –Delia Radice (Age 11)

“I was so pleased when we found Coco. It felt like we finally found a teacher who would take the time to get to know our child and meet her individual needs. She challenges your child to push harder when they are not giving their all but also understands when they are having a tough day. She does not merely teach the mechanics of playing an instrument, she teaches the whole child “ – Liz Knapp, Assistant Principal at The Philadelphia School for the Deaf

“Coco’s fun creative teaching has laid a solid foundation for the love of music in my children. They have carried this thru their whole education with my eldest now writing music and others simply loving to play piano and various instruments.”  – Mrs. Michelle Egan

“Coco was the perfect teacher for my daughter. She is an incredibly talented musician but more importantly she knows how to relate to children so that they are excited to learn. She does an excellent job engaging them. She is patient and supportive, and my daughter learned so much from her. My daughter used to be stressed out going to her music lessons but Coco was so lighthearted that she thoroughly enjoyed her lessons as she learned. I would highly recommend her services.” – Kathleen Furin

“Coco has been my music teacher for 11 years, and in that time I have been allowed to thrive musically and creatively through solo performances, band groups, and songwriting.  My music education has included classical and pop techniques as well as theory and improvisation.  Coco has always encouraged me to play music that I am passionate about and has also introduced me to new artists that expand my horizons.  But most importantly, Coco has taught me how to listen to the melody of others so that I can add mine. “  – Grace Hannon , Junior HIgh

“I have known Coco for many years and when I look at her I see a very dedicated, creative and happy human.  Her positive creative  energy is always present when she is working with children. My girls describe her as nice, helpful, and teaches well, energetic, daring and fun. Whoever Ms Coco works with is certainly getting an opportunity to tap into a very Creative part of them selves.” – Lara Qubain

“Coco instills in her students confidence, serenity and focus in their music. It is as if your child is her only student. She has the ability to quickly come to an understanding of each child’s character. Her remarkable intuitiveness allows her to be 100% attentive to your child’s needs at the time of lesson even if she has to adjust her original plan. Coco is a jewel!” – Amy Hannon (Instructional Assistant Penn Valley Elementary)

“Coco is a teacher extraordinaire! She understands my daughter’s spirit and figures out how to teach to her strengths. Her musical and vocal experience is wide and deep, and my daughter has learned about both the execution and experience of music. Your whole family would be lucky to share in Coco’s approach to life and music.” – Dr. Susan Oberwager

“My son has been taking lessons with Coco for a few months now. Her knowledge of music and warm personality are a perfect combination. She easily adapts to his needs each week, tailoring each lesson for him. His love of music, as well as playing skills have grown exponentially. I’d highly recommend Coco.” – Hara Zefran (Fine Arts Instructor Neshaminy School District)